Group Orders - Honor Cords

Fristaden Graduation's 60-inch Honor Cords are twisted with knotted ends and stranded tassels. Our honor cords are currently available in the following colors: Gold, Red, Royal Blue, Navy Blue, Sky Blue, White, Black, Maroon, Purple and Emerald Green. Additional colors are available upon request. Material: Polyester.

Honor cords are worn to distinguish achievement in high school and university academics and societies, including fraternities and sororities. Honor cords are traditionally worn in pairs around the neck, with their tassels dangling in the front of the gown. Twisted with tassels on the ends, honor cords can be single or multiple colors. Some universities establish there own honor cord color system, while others adhere to the Association of College Honor Society's color registry.

When placing an honor cord order, please specify the quantity, colors and whether you want them sold or multi-colored. To place an order now click here. To return to the group orders page click here

Group Pricing for Honor Cords

Quantity Price Per Unit Order Total Savings
1 $12.99 $12.99 $0.00
25 $12.60 $315.00 $9.75
50 $12.35 $617.50 $32.00
75 $12.00 $900.00 $74.25
100 $11.70 $1,170.00 $129.00
150 $11.05 $1,657.50 $291.00
200 $10.75 $2,150.00 $448.00
500+ $10.40 $5,200.00+ $1295.00+