About Us

Congratulations, you're graduating! Close your textbooks and open the champagne. It's time to celebrate the end of an exciting chapter of your life and the beginning of a new one!

But you're not the only one excited. We are too! Graduation ceremonies remind us of our good ol' college days. After all, one could say, our company began when two people fell in love at a small liberal arts college in the American Midwest. 

Our founders met during their college’s freshman orientation. He was majoring in political science; she was studying English. They fell in love first with each other, then with the notion of creating a business together.

Today, more than six years later, Fristaden & Company has served thousands of customers across the United States. We're in business because our college experiences, education, professors and friends inspired us to achieve a little something special --- and we hope yours do too. 

Happy Graduation!

Julius and Jenneke
Fristaden Graduation 
Fristaden & Company, LLC

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