Doctoral Graduation

Doctoral Tams Black (Velvet Band)

Doctoral Tams Black (Velvet Band)
$ 44.99


Designed for Master's and Doctoral graduates, our Tams are sewn from black velvet and adorned with a gold bullion tassel. Our tams elegantly adhere to academic regalia standards. An adjustable velvet band permits a comfortable, personalized fit for men and women who wear hat sizes x-small to x-large (19 in to 25 in).

Choosing Between the Six and Eight Sided Tams:
Our black velvet doctoral tams are available with six and eight sides. While some universities may require a specific design, the style is typically determined by the degree recipient. Not sure what style you want? Generally speaking, shorter and rounder people tend to prefer the four or six sided tams, as less sides lends a more angular, slimming appearance. Likewise, taller and skinnier people often prefer the eight sided tams; the rounded caps flatter a fuller figure. All styles are acceptable for both men and women. If you're having a difficult time deciding on the number of sides, we recommend the six-sided tam - it's our best seller.